How Can Adaptive Skills Training Help You?

In Home Training

In-Home based therapies are amongst the most popular services provided to individuals diagnosed with developmental disabilities. To ensure a effective service,  California Spectrum Care has made key changes to traditional adaptive skills training (AST). One key factor that separates our service from the rest is our parent training module. Parents, care takers, or support staff are given the opportunity to not only join in on sessions but also learn and practice the same techniques our therapists utilize during sessions. This creates a level of consistency and a larger support structure that excels the learning process.

Community Based Instruction

Our AST service can take place in the community. Often community based instruction is needed to further the progress of a goal or to gain a deeper understanding of a task. We encourage outings in the community and often work outings into mastery level criteria for goals. In order to succeed, an individual needs to be able perform in and outside of the home. 

adults can enroll

Contrary to popular belief, adults can also benefit from AST services. Furthermore, adults who receive services in the home are more likely to gain a sense of independence and confidence in their ability to succeed. California Spectrum Care also offers this service to work in tandem with the G.R.O.W. Program, creating a full and consistent circle of support.